Friday, August 13, 2010

If Your State is Fiscally Responsible, Congress will screw you over.

Particularly if you are a state with a Republican Governor, in this case Texas
The provision in question, an amendment authored by Rep. Lloyd Doggett, an Austin Democrat, would deny Texas its share of the bill’s education funds unless its governor “provides an assurance” that it will not reduce the percentage of total revenues it spends on education at any time in the next three years. Gov. Rick Perry argues that this is impossible: The state legislature controls education funding in Texas, not the governor, and the governor cannot bind future legislatures to any level of spending. Because Perry cannot provide the kind of assurance the Doggett amendment appears to require, he argues that it would deny Texas, and only Texas, over $800 million in education funds.
So instead of rewarding a state for being fiscally prudent, Congress--spurred on by a TEXAS REPRESENTATIVE will deny funds to one and only one state.


This is just more fodder for me that Congress is no longer interested in legislating for the general welfare of all Americans, but is more interested in either
a) self-aggrandizement and beneft, or
b) punishing political enemies or people they consider inferior for what ever reason.

Governor Perry should be going on every single news program that he can get on and blasting this move by Congress.

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Lionel Turner said...

The federal government has no desire to reward states that don't need their help. The same way they have no desire to help those who don't need their help by getting the hell away! They want America needing them...