Thursday, February 17, 2011

Perry the Platypus Would Eat Arthur and Binky for Lunch

Instapundit notes that PBS is politicizing the cartoon character Arthur, the oversized aardvark. An Instapundit reader responds:

Having 8 year old triplets, I have watched my share of children’s programing. And for the record, Phineas and Ferb kick Arthur’s ass. The theme of the show is that kids can accomplish cool things with quiet confidence. The stars are NEVER mean, and they constantly foil their controlling would be nanny of a big sister. Oh, and the music is killer.

All the product of two guys pitching the idea for 16 years before production and without a nickel of tax payer assistance.

Perry the Platypus would eat Arthur and Binky for lunch. Don’t get me started on DW.

I couldn't agree more--Phineas and Ferb is my absolute favorite animated show after the Simpsons. These two kids and the entire show are brilliant. I can't say enough about the mindset of P & F, the notion that they can do anything they want. Even the so-called bully in the show is a good friend to "his nerd." Say waht you want, P&F is a great show and it is not even subsidized.

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