Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Random Thoughts--January 3, 2012

The World better not frakking end this year--I haven't been to an MLS cup final or a World Cup on foreign soils or an Olympic games.  The rest of my bucket list needs some serious attention as well.

I did some math today and realized, that if I didn't have to pay my mortgage (or rent) for an entire year, I still wouldn't be debt free.  That is a troubling thought.

Take that last thought and expand it writ large to the United States--pretty frakking sad, isn't it--for me and the nation.

What should you do if you are stuck on a mountain road, behind a nasty accident for the better part of two hours---play Bubble Buster on your phone--I did and got farther than ever.

Dear  Crayola---your Color Wonder toys are wonderful--except on small matter---those glitter versions of the paper should come with a warning--"If you open this, it will look like a fairy threw up in your car."  Keep up the good work otherwise.  Thanks, Matt

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