Monday, October 15, 2012

Hiding the Libya Lie

As Ann Althouse noted about the New York Times effort to keep the Libya lie hearings off the front page as it is a "politicized thing" is not particularly smart.  Here is here little bit:

Is the Libya scandal as big as Watergate? The substance of it may be much worse than Watergate, and the Obama administration seems not to have heeded the old Watergate lesson that it's the cover-up that gets you, but if Obama loses the election, that will limit the dimension of the scandal. If he wins the election — especially if it's very close or contested in some way — Republicans may work themselves into a frenzy going after Obama. Remember that Richard Nixon was reelected after the Watergate scandal broke. The break-in was 5 months before the election, and the first stories had come out. The next 2 years were hell for Nixon, and he was drummed out of office. And Nixon had won by a landslide.

Here is my problem, when Nixon resigned, we got Gerald Ford.  He may not have been a great President but was servicable, and was lampooned a clumsy of balance.  If Obama wins, and then is forced to resign, we get Joe Biden as President, a man who is clumsy of the mouth.

I would rather have a physically ungraceful Gerald Ford and than a ticking timebomb of lies and stupidity in Joe Biden.

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