Tuesday, January 04, 2005

The Boys and Girls Are Back In Town

The 109th Congress was sworn in today and instead of all pomp and formalities, it looks like for the first time in my memory, Congress will actually do some real work in the first few days of Congress.

Without a doubt the first order of business will be tsunami relief, but it also looks like Congress is looking to do what Congress should be doing, that is providing real and vigorous debate about President Bush's priorities. I for one would like to see some real immigration reform. Also, some Social Security work is coming and so far the details look good, but I am interested to see what Members of Congress have the backbone to do the hard stuff. While I am a big supporter of the President, I expect my Congress to be more than a rubber stamp, act like big boys and girls and do the job.

As the agenda starts to settle down some and I see some concrete proposals, expect a few broadsides from this site.

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