Thursday, January 06, 2005

House Dems May Try to Contest Electoral Vote

For those of you who are true political junkies know that today is the official day in which President Bush will be re-elected as Congress will certify the electoral votes today in a special session. The fun part is that Rep. John Conyers of Michigan is trying to find a way to force a debate on whether or not Ohio's electoral votes should be counted in order to call attention to the already well-publicized issue of voting irregularities in Ohio.

Personally, I think that this is another case of "sore-loser-itis." Democrats are still bitter that they lost. I have no doubts that voting problems still exist in this country-for some inexplicable reason. In a nation as advanced as ours there should be no reason for voting problems other than long lines if we ever get to the point where we have real voter turnout. Conyers' effort is nothing more than a grandstanding attempt by Democratic partisans to remind their base of how the election was 'stolen' or what ever.

Although his attempt will end in failure, Conyers and others like him just cannot seem to accept the fact that they got beat. Like any good professional, they should study the election, figure out why they got beat, learn the lesson, apply the lession, and work harder next time.

AP Wire | 01/04/2005 | House Dems to Contest Electoral Vote Count

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