Thursday, April 14, 2005

D.C. Schools Could Cut 395 Staff Positions

In yet another massive bungle, the DC school board failed to factor in annual step raises for staff in its budget meaning that for the second year in a row, the city is going to have to cut positions to pay for its budget.

Last year, according to the report, over 500 teaching and other positions were cut. This year, the city is looking at almost 400--many reportedly to come from the same schools that got smacked around last year.

"The current formula does not include labor increases," [school board Vice President Carolyn] Graham said. "As a result of the inadequacy of [the formula], schools have had to make difficult decisions between cutting their core educational programs or cutting music, art and library programs."

A couple of thoughts here. First, who is the moron who created a formula that failed to account for step increases present in a union contract that has been in force for a while? Second, who is the moron who made teh same mistake twice in a row? These idiots, if they are not the same person, should be fired immediately. Of course there are a number of other reviewing moronic educrats who failed to catch the idiot's mistake TWICE.

Next, why are educational positions being cut? If a school board has to cut funds, one of the best places to do is in administration. You don't see school board members or other administrators giving up someone to answer their phones, take a pay freeze or any number of options to reduce costs and not have to cut teaching positions.

Next, why should a school have to chose between core education programs and arts/music/library programs? It seems to me that the priorities of hte school board and administration are skewed. To me the budgeting process should be as follows:

1. Make damn sure the buildings are useable. You can't teach a kid in a building that can't house them.
2. Make damn sure you have paid all of your teachers FIRST.
3. Ensure the kids are health and safe. This means fund your school lunch/breakfast programs and other safety programs.
4. Pay your local school support staff. These poeple are the day to day administrators.
5. Pay your non-school related support staff. These lower level people do most of hte work anyway.
6. Pay your senior school officials in full.

Cuts in pay should work in the opposite direction.

I refer to an earlier post about tying administrator's (read school board and superintendants) pay to the success of the school system's student. Then there is just the general insanity of throwing money at the education problem, but that is a different rant.

D.C. Schools Could Cut 395 Staff Positions (

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