Thursday, January 11, 2007

Beckham to Join LA Galaxy

This is usually not a subject I blog about, but the soccer fan in me can't resist. That cash register sound you hear is the sound of attendence at Major League Soccer games practically doubling. David Beckham, the standout English star, will be joining the MLS Galaxy Club this summer, about halfway into the MLS season.

Watch the attendance at games before and after he joins the club.

For MLS, this is a major move, made possible by changes in salary cap rules. It also signals a real chance for the young American league to start to play on the world stage for outstanding players. Now that the soccer has grown in this country and our players routinely play with big name European clubs and in top leagues around the world, the MLS can capitalize on the Beckham acquisition.

Beckham may be entering the twilight of his career, but he can still play and I still remember vividly his free kick goal in the World Cup, where he literally knuckleballed the ball over a wall of defenders and bent the ball just inside the post for a English goal.

The late summer should be fun for soccer fans.

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