Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Teen Sex and Delinquency

Via Slate.com:
A study suggests the earlier you lose your virginity, the less likely you are to become a delinquent. Old finding: Kids who have early sex become delinquents. New findings: 1) When you eliminate genetic differences by comparing twins, those who have sex earlier don't become more delinquent. 2) Compared with fraternal twins, identical twins lose their virginity at relatively similar ages, which implies that the age at which you lose your virginity is genetically influenced. 3) In fact, 'adolescents who had sex at younger ages were less likely to end up delinquent than those who lost their virginity later.' Researchers' conclusions: 1) Early sex and delinquency share a genetic basis, probably in propensity to take risks. 2) For teens with risk-taking genes, 'sexual relationships may offer an alternative to trouble.' Old advice: Pet your dog, not your date. New advice: Pop a cherry, not a cap. Bonus report: Kids who smoke pot (but not cigarettes) are 'significantly more likely to practice sports and they have a better relationship with their peers' than kids who smoke neither. (Related: the case for lowering the age of sexual consent.)(links in original omitted)
If teen sex prevents delinquency, then it not a genetic think, but a time thing, if you are too busy having sex, you can't be breaking other laws.

Methinks there may be some flaws in methodology or samples.

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