Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Teen Wins Fight for Antiabortion Club at School -

From the Washington Post, a Virginia teenager dropped a lawsuit after school officials reversed their initial decision to not allow an anti-abortion club.
School administrators initially turned down Hoffmeier's request to start the club at Colonial Forge High School on the grounds that it was not tied to the school curriculum. She filed suit in federal court in Alexandria, contending that her proposal could not be denied when other clubs are allowed to form on campus. The suit put a spotlight on an often-misunderstood legal arena involving religion in public schools. Even some advocates of strict separation of church and state say religious speech by students at public school is protected under the Constitution and federal law.
One probably doesn't have to look hard to find clubs that aren't tied to the cirriculum. For example, I don't recall seeing chess on my high school curriculum, but there was a chess club. The list could go on and on.

We are a nation of associations and to deny an voluntary association of students seems a little ham handed. At least someone got a common sense knock on the head and allowed the group to go forward.