Sunday, February 08, 2009

Carnival of Maryland

Welcome to the 52nd Edition of the Carnival of Maryland. Take a gander around what the Maryland blogosphere has to offer.

The economy has business people worried about generating business (unless you are a foreclosure or bankruptcy lawyer), so Kenton Newby timely brings us 7 Low-Cost Online Marketing Strategies for Any Economy.

The only thing missing from ShoreIndie's post about the annual Polar Bear Plunge is picutres. Among other pols taking the plunge, U.S. Congressman Frank presents Kratovil got cold and wet. See what other famous Marylanders took the plunge (I was not among them).

Are you enemployed? Do you need a job? Do you live on the DelMarVa peninsula? If so, you need to see ShoreThings post on Jobs on Delmarva.

Are you a member of any social networking sites? Joyce Dowling questioned whether social networking sites are more than just a social tool, but could Facebook be used as a community organizing tool for Prince Georgians? Her conclusion?:
My final analysis after only a few months is that Facebook has limited usage as a community organizing tool. If people in your organization use it a lot, you can ask them to post events & links & even create a group there, but I'm not sure it will be any better for actual "organizing" than MySpace or LiveJournal. It is a good social networking tool, though, and has a better interface for keeping in touch with people than those.
I tend to agree. It is useful for communication, but unless you already have an organization, tools like Facebook, MySpace and the like really are good for starting an organization.

Do you hate aggressive drivers? I do, which is why I am happy that my commute is much shorter than it used to be. Doug Smith talks about presents Maryland Route 2 - Aggressive Driving Highway on Steroids:
Maryland Route 2 through Anne Arundel County and Calvert County is “THE” Aggressive Driver Highway on Steroids! Travel this highway at the speed limit and see what climbs up your tail pipe! The behavior of the majority of drivers on this highway is ABYSMAL.
I don't know if it is THE Aggressive Driving Highway but is probably is one of them at least.

I never really thought of Baltimore as actually insane. A little different, a little crazy, but OM insists that Baltimore must remain insane.

Mike Netherland takes issue with those people who use a double standard when talking about Israeli Children? and Palestinian children.
I must take issue with Saul Friedman's taking issue with his rabbi's letter in defense of Israel's right to self-defense, a right Mr. Friedman would deny Israel and her brave people. Why? Because "there's no excuse for killing children." Except, of course, if you are a Palestinian. Now Mr. Friedman's position is hardly new nor is the use of children and other innocents to attack Israel and defend Hamas.

Michael Swartz, the new capo di capo of the Maryland blogosphere, discusses demographic, voting trends and the need for education. My concern is not that young voters are liberal (it is easy to be liberal when you are used to your parents giving you almost everything and then wanting government to give you everything. My concern is not liberal viewpoints, but over reliance on the government to solve problems.

The Ridger finds beauty in the treachery of ice over snow that has plagued our area of late. See River of Light.

Zinzindor presents The Vegetable Menace. What's that you ask, a farmer at a farmer's market slicing the produce they sell--that is a No, No in MoCo.

Soccer Dad talks about Michael Phelps, marijuana and then and now.

Soccer Dad also talks about the General Assembly's ban of Facebook. Seriously, Delegates can't use it. What!?!?!?!

MBB presents a look at the federal stimulus package.

Bake My Fish presents Good Morning, Taiwan! posted at Boomer Twilight.

Joyce Dowling presents the story of Cheye Calvo and the growth of his Facebook group after the story in the Washington Post magazine about the raid on the Berwyn Heights mayor.

Finally, I offer the following post discussing tuition freezes at Maryland colleges and the inevitable massive hike that will come when the freeze is lifted.

I hope you take the time to visit these posts and support the writers.



OM said...

Thank you. Now I'm off to do some reading.

Maybe because I still consider myself a new Baltimorean(?) (moved here in 2003), it's easier for me to look at the city and wonder about stuff others take for granted. For me it's insane, for example, that it was the murder capital of the US (is it on its way back?), and that there is block-by-block difference in the type of people (not simply segregated communities, it's more complicated than that), and that people never leave their blocks unless they go to the ocean and to the cruise ships. And then Jenna Bush moves in and the city is certifiable insane.

Doug Smith said...

Very nice presentation. The MBA rocks.