Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Victor Davis Hanson on California

How did the biggest state get into such a big mess? There is no more evil "they" left to pay for all the "good" things "we" want.

Who is "we?"
So now those who want unchecked entitlements, open immigration, restrictions on resource development, unionized work forces and ever expanded government won—and won big. The problem is, again, the evil “they” who were to pay for all this in ever increased income and sales taxes, to take the blame of being racist, or sexist, or homophobic or greedy, are pretty much gone (cf. the last stand of the 1% of the state that pays the majority of state income taxes). There are no more “greedy” left to pay money or emotional penance, and the therapeutic mindset is now screaming to high heaven as it looks for its awful, but missing mean parent to make it all right.
My prediction?

California will not only shrink in economy, they may actually shrink in population and lose a Congressional seat in 2011.


Anonymous said...

Victor Davis Hanson is a racist joke. He blames Obama and Californians for the financial crisis because they are racially diverse, while whitewashing the role of Bush, Paulson, Greenspan, Bernanke, Ken Lay, Madoff, and others. Only a very hateful or blind person could say that, and Victor is not blind, just hateful. $2 trillion in liabilities and $8.8 billion totally unaccounted due to war with Iraq. Halliburton and the Carlyle Group openly feeding at the trough of no-bid contracts. Bush's father earning pay-offs in the millions from jihadi Kuwaiti sheikhs for his services in the 1990s. Bush's Treasury chief directing billions of taxpayers dollars to the very company, Goldman Sachs, he was CEO of during commission of various crimes. Bush's SEC chief in bed with Madoff. Bush's FDA suppressing the agency's own research into how Vioxx caused heart attacks, as tens of thousands died. Bush's Housing Administration allowing mortgage companies to drive millions into foreclosure with deceptive practices and illegal contracts. Bush himself being friends with Ken Law of Enron and riding around in his jet. Over 350,000 Americans with serious brain injury due to Bush's policies, and the VA and military hospitals in sorry shape. Halliburton's electrical wiring contracts renewed as they executed US troops through faulty wiring. No corruption there at all.

Anonymous said...

How does Bush, the VA, the Iraq War etc. Have anything to do with California's budget problems? I can't see how the state legislature, the Governor and Californians themselves have no culpability. Your response is a list of complaints, but how do they relate to California's budget problems? What do they have to do with the states incredibly high income and sales taxes?