Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MLS Best XI to Face Everton

According to Goff. Everton, which could be an FA Cup winner by the time they come to the States, is an exciting squad.

Can you image Chad Marshall and Marouane Fallaini going noggin to noggin in the box? Or Tim Howard playing against the MLS again? What about Tim Cahill? Louis Saha?

This summer is going to see lots of good soccer with Everton coming to the States for the MLS All-Star game and probably a friendly or two against and MLS or even USL side. I would also love to see the Everton Academy come over and play a few matches against U.S. academy sides.

But this summer will also boast teh World Football Challenge with Club America (Mexico), Inter Milan (Serie A), AC Milan (Serie A) and Chelsea (Premier League) coming to the states to play six matches all over the country.

There is quality soccer played in this country and it will be good to see top sides playing in the states and show not only how the world plays the game, but the improving quality of MLS soccer.

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