Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sing the Star Spangled Banner

Don't mangle it says Burt Prelutsky at Big Hollywood:
"Not being a constitutional scholar, I am naturally reluctant to become too embroiled in these matters. However, there is one thing about which I have a strong opinion, and I find it odd that nobody else seems as incensed as I. I’m referring to the singing of our national anthem at public events.

Admittedly, “The Star-Spangled Banner” lacks a certain something, musically speaking. But over the years, singers ranging from my aunt Sara to Richard Tucker have been able to do it justice, merely by singing it simply and sincerely. But at some point during the past dozen years or so, certain female singers have decided that the only way to perform it was as if they were auditioning to provide orgasms for a porno soundtrack.

Maybe I’m being too harsh. Perhaps these song birds don’t intend any disrespect to the anthem. Perhaps they simply don’t understand that patriotism means loving your country, not having sex with it."
I can't agree more.

It is the National Anthem and should not be alterd to fit "artistic license." With the possible exception of Jimi Hendrix's take on it. But to be fair, he didn't sing it, his guitar did.

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