Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Domestic Violence Czar?

U.S. News' Bonnie Erbe reports that the Obama administration has enough "czars" to field a full baseball game and have two substitutes, over 20 of those Russian flavored Czars.

So what issue (in addition to all the czars that we have) requires a newly crowned czar: Domestic Violence.

This is a waste of federal tax payer dollars and should be eradicated quickly. The announcement by Vice President Joe Biden states:
Vice President Biden announced today that Lynn Rosenthal will be the White House adviser on Violence Against Women, a new position created to work with the president and vice president on domestic violence and sexual assault issues...Rosenthal most recently served as the executive director of the New Mexico Coalition Against Domestic Violence and has focused on domestic violence issues like housing, state and local coordinated community response, federal policy, and survivor-centered advocacy.
Now don't get me wrong, domestic violence against anyone, women, children, men, or the elderly is not only legally wrong but morally so and such perpetrators should be caught, prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, punished and then publicly humilitated in a manner we have thus far reserved for sexual predators.

But this is not a federal issue and should not be a federal issue.

Domestic violence is a state and local issue, should be handled by state and local police. The federal government through the FBI and Justice Department can rightfully serve as a data collection agency, but should not be involved in any other way. Of course, the FBI already performs this function and there is no reason why the White House needs another advisor on the issue.

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