Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Obama still cashing in on Bush

Washington Times:
Facing the first real rough patch of his presidency, President Obama and his supporters are once again resorting to a tried-and-true tactic: attacking George W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

In his White House press conference last week, Mr. Obama referred to the Bush era at least nine times, three times lamenting that he "inherited" a $1.3 trillion debt that has set back his administration's efforts to fix the economy.

With the former president lying low in Dallas, largely focused on crafting his memoirs, Mr. Obama has increasingly attempted to exploit Mr. Bush when discussing the weak economy, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the difficulty closing the military prison at U.S. Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
The problem is that while Obama may have legitimately inherited a budget deficit, his spend, spend, spend style of government is not doing him any favors. Instead of austerity and fiscal restraint, Obama is acting like a 16 year old heiress with daddy's American Express Card, spending like there is no tomorrow or consequences. Eventually, that bill will come due.

Bashing Bush, while popular with the left, is not going to carry the day much longer, if at all. The middle of America, literally and figuratively, is not going to stomach excuses. Obama pledged a hope and change and right now most of America is hoping for a change-and not getting it from their President. Bashing your predecessor might work for the first six months, but now Obama owns the deficit, which he has probably doubled or tripled for the near term and worse for the long term.

What would be refreshing--aside from an actual cut (and I mean a true cut--not a Washington "cut") in spending of a substantial amount and for Obama to man up and take responsibility for his Presidency and his nation.

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