Friday, November 06, 2009

Holy Catfight Batman

I have referred boys games and girls game in my refereeing career. In general, boys tend to be immediate retaliators if they have been wronged. Girls, in general, tend be less of an immediate retaliators, but sometimes they can. The game is physical, there is always a little bit of pushing and shoving going on. I usually let a little pushing to go on without a whistle, same with jersey pulling unless is it just so blatant as to need a call just to remind the players that there are rules.

Having said that, the refereeing crew just completely dropped the ball on this game and they were lucky that no serious injuries took place. Check out this video of Brigham Young University and University of New Mexico. Check out the New Mexico number 15. When the NCAA sees this video, this girl has to absolutely be suspended for multiple matches if not longer. It is shocking how much this girl just abused the other team and got just a yellow card. I counted three fouls that deserved a straight red card, particularly the hair pull and the karate chop to the neck.

The refereeing crew really dropped the ball on this matter.

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