Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Photos of the MLS Cup

Adam Spangler went to Seattle and shows that even if Seattle Sounders FC wasn't in the MLS Cup final, they are without a doubt the best host city you can imagine for a final. Spangler has great photos, I particularly like this one of Seattle minority owner Drew Carey.

Photo Credit: Adam Spangler

But it is not just the owner who is passionate, look at these guys:


Norm said...

Matt, is it cool if I use the Drew Carey photo in my blog? That's me holding the Real Salt Lake flag right behind his head. josiahnormanlybbert.blogspot.com

Unknown said...


That is not my photo. Please note that I grabbed the photo from Adam Spangler's blog (that is the link at the start of the post). Adam (so far as I know) has never objected to such use, so long as you credit the source.