Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Boehner, Cantor urge Obama to force votes on spending cuts

From the HIll.com, Republican leaders are pushing Obama to make spending cuts and force votes in Congress on them.

This is brilliant politics, but unlikely to go anywhere. Obama won't dare force Congressional Democrats to take votes on spending cuts because the possible consequences are too tough to swallow. If Obama forces the votes, and Congressional Democrats lack the gumption to not vote for the cuts, thus forcing the government to stop spending money. If Democrats don't vote to cut spending, they will be punished come November.

So the only thing Obama can do is take the heat from Congressional Republicans for not asking for larger spending cuts, which he can afford to do in the short terms since his re-election is not for another three years.

Good move by Boehner and Cantor, but it is just PR.

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