Friday, April 02, 2010

"All roads lead back to organized labor”

Less than two weeks after passing a law that will massive increase the role of the federal government in our lives, the Obama Administration is looking for ways to limit the size of the federal government contractor business. Despite the fact that it costs 1/3 less to hire a contractor than having a government worker perform many, many functions, the Obama Administration is looking to cut the number of government contractors by reclassifying many jobs as essential government functions.

Now, of course there are functions that are inherently government functions, but by reclassifying thousands of jobs the Obama Administration will effectively increase the size of the federal government and the tax burden necessary to support that increased government. Remember, it costs about 1/3 more to pay a government worker because the federal government also provides not only a salary, but a high-end, Cadillac health plan, retirement plan and pensions.

Why you might ask, well, see the quote in the title: It is about increasing the power of the public sector unions--the only sector of union membership that is growing.

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