Thursday, July 08, 2010

Most Americans Not Willing To Pay Higher Taxes For Public Employees, Entitlement Programs - Rasmussen Reports™

Look, I like the work that Scott Rasmussen does, I think he is a very good pollster who doesn't ask overly slanted questions and does a good job interpreting the results of his polls in a fair way.

Michael Caine has said that on a number of occaisions and I remember Charlton Heston being asked why he did the Bud Light Commercials and he said because they paid him an obscene amount of money for voiceover work. What does that have to do with Rasmussen--I think he takes cake walk polling jobs for a paycheck--not that I mind--he has to make a living too. But this polling gig was just too easy: most Americans are not willing to pay higher taxes for public employees and entitlement programs. Wow there is a shocker.

Rasmussen will be dining out on that gig for a while without having to break a sweat.

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