Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Race Card Fraud

I wish I were as eloquent as Thomas Sowell on Race Card Fraud:
Credit card fraud is a serious problem. But race card fraud is an even bigger problem.

Playing the race card takes many forms. Judge Charles Pickering, a federal judge in Mississippi who defended the civil rights of blacks for years and defied the Ku Klux Klan back when that was dangerous, was depicted as a racist when he was nominated for a federal appellate judgeship.

No one even mistakenly thought he was a racist. The point was simply to discredit him for political reasons-- and it worked.

This year's target is the Tea Party. When leading Democrats, led by a smirking Nancy Pelosi, made their triumphant walk on Capitol Hill, celebrating their passage of a bill in defiance of public opinion, Tea Party members on the scene protested.

All this was captured on camera and the scene was played on television. What was not captured on any of the cameras and other recording devices on the scene was anybody using racist language, as has been charged by those playing the race card.

When you realize how many media people were there, and how many ordinary citizens carry around recording devices of one sort or another, it is remarkable-- indeed, unbelievable-- that racist remarks were made and yet were not captured by anybody.
Now we hear that the sacking of Mark Williams by the Tea Party movement is proof of the Tea Party's racism.

Make no mistake, Williams' letter was ill-timed, ill-conceived and poorly executed. However, just because Williams is associated with the Tea Party doesn't make the organization racist. Nor for that matter does it make Williams racist. The truth is if you strip away references to color, the President and Colored People, the message in Williams letter is about freedom, about individuality, about liberty. In short it is about what the Tea Party stands for.

The Democrat play book is easy to read and see coming a mile away. If an organization or a person threatens them, the easiest, most effective method of destroying that organization or person is to call them a racist. No matter what evidence is marshaled against the charge, the word sticks like a brand burned onto a person's forehead. I can't be shaken and it ruins lives and organizations. It is wrong and it will continue until someone calls B.S. on the NAACP.

The problem is that the NAACP has already labeled Thomas Sowell as an "Uncle Tom," itself a racist term. The bigger problem is that pulling the race card is easy. The biggest problem is that we as a society allow this crap to continue.

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