Friday, January 21, 2011

Surf's Up!!

Today's interesting internet waves:

Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan doesn't use her position on the highest court in the land to get out of jury duty. Admirable and you would think that the lawyers or the judge would think twice about empaneling her.  If she doesn't get out of jury duty, I am pretty sure you won't be either.

Municipalities are permitted to declare bankruptcy under the federal Bankruptcy Court, but generally states are not.  Is there movement afoot to allow states to declare bankruptcy?  Yep, but it is not that easy. What is standing in the way is the notion of state sovereignty.  But what is interesting is whether or not states are truly sovereign in our nation anymore given their dependence on federal funds and the multiple restrictions and legislation that forces states to act in a certain fashion.  That will be an interesting dispute.

The GOP has announced some real spending cuts.  What will the President do?

Much was made of the effort in Congress to maintain the Bush tax cuts as law, which ultimately succeeded.  However, the problem is that the tax cuts will go away as states and localities are passing income tax hikes in order to cover their massive budget shortfalls.  Illinois is one such state and it is ugly.

Remember Barry Bonds, yeah that guy who hit a lot of home runs was indicted in November of 2007 on 11 counts of obstruction of justice and perjury.  But his trial has been delayed multiple times and it still a few months away.  Professor Michael McCann's column in Sports Illustrated takes a look at what to expect in the trial.

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