Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Um....Not so sure about this:

Saw this pic on a post about the Occupy [Insert City here] movement.  Among the various signs you see here expressing various platitudes, take a look at the sign second from the right.

"Student Loan Debt==Indentured Servitude without Job Security"


The last time I checked college was not required in this country so you didn't have to incur the student loan debt.  Also, I believe that the taking of student loans was likewise voluntary, you could have worked your way through school or tried to get scholarships (and if you think you got it bad Ms., I suggest you try finding scholarships for white men).  I also note that there is no right to job security in this country--ever.

The problem is that people expect all jobs to pay equally.  They don't and I am not sorry about it.

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