Wednesday, November 23, 2011


On "the 99%"
"[S]top talking about “solidarity” when all they mean is “those who want to work will be taxed so we can give it to those who do not (want to) work.'"

"Every single loser in America that carries a sign reading “Tax the rich” is an individual who wants the benefits of wealth and the power of wealth but steadfastly refuses to invest the work or develop the mental acuity required to earn and create the big pile of money. "

On Energy Policy:
"[D]eliberately importing these sources of energy [foreign oil] in order to export the environmental degradation that comes with extracting them doesn’t sit well with my version of decent Christian ethics either."

On the size and complexity of government:
"Nobody in their right minds should feel safe or liberated while they live under a government that is too complex to adequately monitor or understand."

Some food for thought in the larger piece.

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