Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Liberty and Government.

From Professor Robert Higg's Tocqueville Award Acceptance Speech:

I espouse individual liberty in this “extreme” fashion for two reasons, which in my mind complement one another. The first is that freedom is the optimal condition for each individual’s engagement in society. To be driven, bullied, abused, disregarded, treated with contempt and dishonor―these are bad things in themselves, not only for me, but for every human being. We ought to recoil from them, regardless of whether the perpetrator is a local cop or the government in Washington. Yet all too many of us become accustomed to such official cruelties and take them in stride without much conscious thought that they are wrongs and ought to be stopped, regardless of their source.

To many of us have come to accept from government the kind of behavior we would never tolerate coming from an individual simply because it is the government.

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