Monday, November 19, 2012

"Hawaii Five-O" Kono is a cop, a good looking one, but a cop--treat her like that.

Okay, I love Hawaii-Five-O, I think it is a great show, beautifully shot, with interesting characters.  This and this week, according to Big Hollywood, Hawaii-Five-0' Bucks Entertainment Trend and Tackles Terrorism.  I am looking forward to this episode (which I will have to watch on-demand since I have a soccer game tonight.

But, I see this picture and I wonder...whaaaaa?

I love Grace Park, I loved her in Battlestar Galactica and I love her on this show.  I think she has a decent character and last season and early this season, there was a story line of her love for the son of a known Yakuza warlord could have been an interesting piece, but we haven't seen much of it.

Yes, Park is very easy on the eyes and her back story of a budding professional surfing career cut short by injury was also promising (although often given the short shrift).  But I think the producers need to do more than just make her some eye candy.  That is what this pic seems to say, that the role of Kono is just eye candy.  Here are three cops, wearing Kevlar and then there is Kono, also a cop, not wearing Kevlar in order for us to see her curves.  See, Kevlar is not sexy--necessary--but not sexy.

So while it is nice to see Kono in a bikini surfing in Hawaii, when she is a cop, we need to see her as a cop--in cop gear like her colleagues.

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