Thursday, November 22, 2012

New Satellite Will Be Space Mechanic, Gas Station - Yahoo! News

Innovation in private commercial is just stunning.  If only the government would get out of the way of other industries, we would be leaping forward in the economy.  So Cool:

New Satellite Will Be Space Mechanic, Gas Station.

A young spaceflight company is building what it hopes will be the ultimate space handyman, a combination repair droid and orbital gas station to serve ailing satellites around Earth.
The company, called ViviSat, is planning to launch a fleet of specially built spacecraft that will be able to attach to other vehicles in Earth orbit that need a pick-me-up.
"We call them Mission Extension Vehicles," ViviSat chief operating officer Bryan McGuirk said Nov. 15 at the 2012 Satellite and Content Delivery Conference and Expo here. "Our job will be to dock with commercial satellites to extend their lives."
Brilliant.  I have a few logistical questions, but this is someone thinking with their head and being creative.  If they can deliver this product and service, they could make a killing.

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