Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Changes at Going to the Mat

I am not really changing anything, but for those readers who regularly come to this humble little spot, you may have noticed that blogging about soccer has increased and blogging about politics decreased. I got an email asking what is up.

To be honest, I am a little tired of politics. Oh, I still post regularly on politics, but my heart hasn't been really in it as much. Part of it I suppose is that I am generally dismayed at three things with politics:

1. This year's presidential candidates all suck to one degree or another. I cannot say I agree with any of them, including John McCain, on a majority of substantive issue areas. None of them engage me as an American or as a voter. None of them appear to be the leader that I think this nation needs and wants. I am not excited about this campaign season any more. That is not say it may not change, but right now, I just don't feel happy.

2. The only creativity in problem solving I see makes this country less free. The GOP is not standing up and really articulating a position counter to the leftist policies of more government intervention, more government programs, etc. The GOP has bought off on the ideas of government bailouts of big entities (Bear Stearns) and little people who made stupid mistakes (the mortgage bailout). Not nearly enough people on either side of the aisle are really committed to making our government smaller, less expensive and less restrictive.

3. Politicians today are simply less interesting on a personal, policy or political level outside of their occaisional forays into illegal or immoral acts. I have to say, I am tired really of commenting on politicians in that way. I will now doubt continue to post on the moral and legal faults of politicians, but only because I find that fact that we as a nation haven't kicked the corrupt individuals to the curb infuriates me and I figure if I can get more people to start chucking these idiots out of office, the better off we will be.

But soccer--ahhh the beautiful game.

I have loved the sport since I was nine and first started playing (after less than stellar forays into baseball--the scouting report on me would have been good arm, decent fielder, lousy hitter. I think I went 4 for two seasons.) The game to me is exciting. The relegation battles in the Premier League, rooting for Fulham, DC United, the U.S. national teams, the international play, the World Cup qualifying, the passion and the drama of the game just gets to me. Plus, it is fun to play, fun to watch and full of intracacies and intrigue on and off the field. This time of year, because of the winding down of Eurpean leagues, the Olympics this year, the World Cup qualifying that has begun, international friendlies for the U.S. against some of the best nations in the world, the start of MLS--all these have melded together into a perfect storm of soccer.

My wife thinks I am a little crazy for soccer--but it keeps me off the streets!!

I don't think I will even be rid of politics on this blog--since politics is so vital to everything.

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