Friday, April 18, 2008

Clint Dempsey on the Liverpool Home Fixture

This weekend, Fulham FC will face Liverpool at Craven Cottage. This fixture last year turned out to be the match that kept Fulham in the EPL for this season. While it won't be the difference maker this year, it is an important match. American Clint Dempsey scored the game winner last year that kept Fulham up and he talks about it here.:
“Not playing games when the team is struggling is always tough to take,” he told the Evening Standard. “You always want to be in the team fighting, you want to be the guy that is in the trenches. You want to be a guy who is able to go in, make a difference and have a say on the outcome. So any time you go onto the field, you have the opportunity to do that.

“That's all that was on my mind: going out there and trying to make a difference. Try to help the team win any way that I can, whether it's an assist or scoring a goal. It just so happened that I was able to score the goal and we were able to get the win.

“It was a great feeling and it made coming over here and going through all the trials and tribulations worth it. Because even though I wasn't a regular starter and I only came on as a sub, I still felt I had a successful season because I was able to help the club stay up and at the same time get my first goal."
After last week's away win at Reading, Fulham are hoping to continue to get results that will keep them up. A result, particularly against Liverpool this weekend, means Fulham will be able to keep the safety zone in sight. Fulham play Birmingham City on May 3 week in their final "six point" match so the match becomes important this weekend.

Liverpool may put out a less than top flight sqaud as the Champion's League Semi-final against Chelsea is on Tueday, but Liverpool can still field a quality side. Hopefully the Fulham fans will help on Saturday.

Bolton, sitting two points above Fulham travel to Middlesbrough tomorrow. Birmingham City who is four points ahead (really five because of goal differntial), is visiting Aston Villa. A win by Fulham and a loss by Bolton would put Whites ahead on points. A draw by Bolton and a Fulham win would have Bolton ahead on goals.

With four matches to go, Fulham have a fair chance, but they will need results. A loss to Liverpool won't spell their doom, but it would require Fulham would have to win out and hope.

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