Friday, April 25, 2008

Fox Soccer Channel's Bobby McMahon on North American Sports

I thought this jab by McMahon was just laugh out funny:
The North American disease strikes again. The hockey play-offs are on and the great North American tradition of rioting when you win gets underway. Surely this must lead to a European ban for all NHL clubs? If you ask me this is why hockey/baseball/basketball/gridiron football will never catch on in the rest of the world. If you can’t even get your reason for wanton destruction right, how can you ever expect normal thugs and hooligans to relate?
No self-respecting English football hooligan would riot when his team WINS--that is just plain wasteful of a good riot--eventually his club will lose thanks to cheating/bad refs/name-your-conspriacy-theory. that is when you riot.

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