Sunday, October 18, 2009

Major League Soccer Very Blown Call

This blown call cost the Chicago Fire two points and a chance to secure the second Eastern Conference Playoff spot.

Reis took Rolfe down. It does not get to be more of a stone cold penalty than this one. Take a look at the second replay angle, you can see Reis make contact with Rolfe's right leg and bring him down.

Now it might be questionable as to whether Reis deserved to be sent off or just a yellow card, it is clear that Reis--not Rolfe deserved the card. IN my opinion, Reis should have been sent off for denying a goal scoring opportunity.

Here is the capper, it is remotely possible that Chicago could miss the playoffs completely and it would come down to this play.

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Anonymous said...

Between this and the phantom penalty awarded to Columbus (resulting in a 2-2 draw) the Fire have had 5 points stolen from them.

I'd like to know who this referee is that he guesses at a call like diving when he is so far behind the play. This referee also did not consult his AR. There is transparency in the English league and clear mistakes are publicly punished (like the ref in the beach ball goal against Liverpool.)