Thursday, October 08, 2009

Required Viewing for Everyone

"No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted."

Check this video out.

Under normal circumstances, I might not have posted this video, but after seeing this article about a pencil thin model, I have been thinking about the matter a great deal.

I have two young daughters who (in my admittedly biased opinion) are two of the most beautiful creatures on the planet, but I wonder sometimes about the images that are presented on TV about what is pretty and beautiful or not. For me, so long as they are healthy I will be happy. But health is not just physical health, which as long as they live at home I can have an impact on, but their mental and emotional health is important as well. I have girly girls (no tomboys in the Johnston family) and I just want them to understand that being a girl is not about being just like every model you see on TV or in magazines.

Thus endeth the rant.

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