Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Clint Dempsey Talks About Fulham

Fulham FC leading scorer, American Clint Dempseytalks about making Craven Cottage a tough place to visit.
It’s very important to get points at home,” he said. “We definitely have a good atmosphere there. I haven’t been here long, but it seems like from the time I’ve been here the atmosphere has got better and better. It gives us something to look forward to. Not only are we getting better as a team, but the atmosphere the fans create is getting better as well.

“I think that with every game we’re playing better and better football. The most important thing is results, but putting in good performances is just behind that. When you’re playing good football it’s fun to be out there and I think we’re doing a better job of passing the ball around, being more creative and creating chances, so it’s exciting. It’s definitely more exciting than it was last season, for me at least.”
I beleive Fulham are playing better ball and that makes me happy. However, their game pattern is disturbing.

I mentioned earlier this season that Fulham was falling into a pattern of scoring and going up early and then blowing the lead in the final minutes. Early in teh season, I might have been able to dismiss the matter as one of game fitness, but after nearly two months of play, including a international break, game fitness is not the problem.

What Dempsey and company have to do in addition to playing better football is to stay mentally sharp from teh starting whistle to the final whistle. The team has teh talent to be easily in the top ten of the League table and compete with the likes of Arsenel, Man. U and Chelsea for top honors, but not until they break their pattern.

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