Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Politics of Privatization

Privatization appears to work in Milwaukee's schools, declares Ed Morrissey.

While I am a proponent of vouchers as a tool of getting kids an education, they have a limited ability to actually produce drastic change in public schools. Even in Milwaukee, with one of hte largest voucher programs in teh nation, there are not enough students on vouchers to effect a change. While vouchers can bring about some change, they can't make enough of an impact, in and of themselves, to radically improve an entire school district.

Other "privatization" efforts are required, although privatization is not a accurate term. Charter schools, magnet schools and truly private schools make a huge difference. A private school or a charter school with a radically different pedagogical and curiccular program that proves to be a success will effect a public school district far more than any voucher program ever could.

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