Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Soldier's Take on Petraeus Testimony

David Bellavia seems exasperated at the numbers game that is being played in Washington when it comes to Iraq.
Fearlessly and confidently presenting graphics and supporting data that could motivate the most ardent detractor of the Administration's policy in Iraq, Petraeus played the role of gentleman and expert witness to perfection.

Who better to enact the COIN strategy (counterinsurgency warfare) than the author of the military's counter insurgency doctrine?

Petraeus not only laid out how this war could work out, he showed us how it is working out. From 28,400 Sunnis applying for security positions to the over 80% reduction in violent attacks in Anbar.

The news is good and the proof is in the report. With over 140 battalions of Iraqi army units in the fight, Iraq is spending more money on Iraqi than security than the US is spending on Iraqi security.
While numbers and statistics mean a great deal to most people, most Democrats simply are not in the mood to learn that their opposition a few months ago to the war looks like a bad stance and may be an albatross around their neck next year.

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