Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Joey Barton==Thug

Great Soccerlens piece:
In all honesty, the tackle Barton was sent off for at Liverpool was not the worst he has committed. Another player could probably have just about convinced the world that it was born out of frustration, and ill-judged at worst. But not this player. Shearer’s refreshingly honest post-match assessment of his midfielder’s aberration summed it all up pretty perfectly:

“I wasn’t happy, I was bitterly disappointed at the way that happened,” said the Newcastle manager, “I asked him to stay calm in the heat of the battle but it was a stupid tackle and he deserved to be sent off. It’s about 90 minutes, not about 75 or 80 minutes, it’s about keeping calm for 90.”
Alan Shearer is right, not only in his assessment, but also in his dropping Barton, who when he keeps his head is not a bad player.

Barton should be done as a professional footballer and it should have happened months ago. He has lost all of his chances and I wouldn't want him on my five a side pub team, I would rather play short handed.

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