Monday, May 04, 2009

Soccer Action You May Not Have Seen over the Weekend

Soccer Insider has the story and video of hte Greek Cup Final between AEK Athens and Olympiakos

Big story points:
1. AEK carries 2-0 lead to the 89th Minute.
2. Olympiakos scores first goal in 89th Minute, gets equalizer in injury time.
3. Olympiakos scores in extra time, but the scorer gets his second yellow for excessive celebrating
4. Olympiakos gets a second players sent off for a harsh tackle
5. AEK ties the game in extra time with a two man advantage.
6. Penalties goes to 17 rounds
7. Hero of the match is Olympiakos goalkeeper Antonis Nikoplidis who saves penalty number 17 from AEK and then scores the winning penalty.

In case you are wondering when one team has only nine players on the pitch at the end of the match going into penalties, the other team can only use 9 players, which gives them an advantage of sorts.

That means with 17 rounds of penalties, just about everyone kicked twice. Pretty amazing stuff.

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