Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Donovan-Everton Courtship

As reported by Andrea Canales at Goal.com, after Landon Donovan's two match performance with Everton and a performance that shows that the American talisman has gotten past his European nightmares, it appears that Everton and Donovan are doing the courtship dance.

With Landon Donovan having just signed a four year-$9 million contract with MLS the dance is one. Canales points to a contract provision in Donovan's MLS contract that is rumored to exist and one that I said previously probably existed when Donovan signed his contract. Back when Donovan signed his new deal with MLS, I said that it is probable that he has a $10 million buy out clause and if he wants to go, the MLS/L.A. Galaxy has to let him go. Canales put the price at €7 million, which is just about $10 million at current exchange rate. That would be about 6 million pounds, which might be a bit of a steal for Everton.

The question becomes, will Everton make the offer and when. As Canales pointed out
It would be hypocrisy of the highest order for Donovan to seek to extend his loan deal at Everton, after he had criticized teammate David Beckham for leaving the Galaxy hanging half the season. Donovan had previously taken pains to point out that his contract was only for loan deals that would return him to Los Angeles before the MLS season officially began. That's what happened last season with Bayern Munich, though Beckham's loan was different and lasted until July.

It's a different issue, however, if Donovan is putting himself on the market to be sold. Donovan reportedly has a release in his Galaxy contract that allows for him to transfer if he A) wants to go and B) if a club can meet a pre-set price agreed upon with MLS.
Adding to the problems that Donovan (and all other MLS players) is the possibility of a work stoppage (either a lockout or a strike) which would impact his ability to play in the run up to the World Cup. If there is a work stoppage--would Donovan be able to extend his loan? Almost surely.

However, if Donovan continues his progression with the Toffees, it might be worth the money to Moyes to spend it, getting an impact player for a relatively small amount of money (by Premiership standards).

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