Friday, January 29, 2010

Troy Perkins Excited for Return to DC

Perkins returns to DC United in a move that will hopefully prove good for the Black and Red.

The question for Perkins though may be a little different?
But he sees his exposure to "the mentality of European football," the constant pressure to improve in training and perform for fans, as a crucial step in his own development -- a testing experience for the man who had already established himself as a noted workaholic in his first United stint.

"It is a different mentality than here," Perkins said. "They may not be as athletic and quick, but they have the overall mentality of structure and technique. They're constantly training technique and just the little things from a young age, and they're involved in that program from a young age. So that's the big difference from there to the U.S.

"The two years we had there -- I don't even know how to describe them. They were more than what I wanted, and more than what I ever expected. I learned a lot about the game and about myself, and I feel I've really grown in both areas."
While I am happy as a DC United fan to see Perkins in goal this year, I think the move will spell doom for being named to a World Cup Roster spot this year. True, with the incredible form of Marcus Hahnemann recent weeks at Woverhampton, Perkins was on the bubble at best. But Perkins is still pretty young as far as goalkeepers go and he may yet be able to link up with a bigger European league and team in teh future. Particularly if he is able to repeat his 2006 Goalkeeper of the Year performance.

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