Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stadium Authority OKs feasibility study for soccer stadium -

The Baltimore Sun reported earlier this week, that the city has requested a feasibility study regarding a possible soccer specific stadium in Charm City.

The stadium is thought to be an effort to lure DC United to the city, a move that I think will be futile. However, the move by Baltimore might get other DC area jurisdiction, including DC itself, to get off the dime to get a stadium deal done for the Black an Red.

However, there might be some benefit to having a stadium in Baltimore anyway. Crystal Palace USA, based in Baltimore and currently playing at Towson University could benefit from a small stadium, perhaps 10,000 to 12,000 seats. Crystal Palace USA will be playing in the Division 2 league next year and they certainly have plans. Last year, CPUSA played in the 3rd Division of U.S. Soccer (USL-2) and this is the first year to move up.

I would like to see a small stadium for CPUSA and a 25,000-30,000 seater in the DC area (preferably in the city itself). I think that given the state of soccer in Maryland, this would be a useful move.

Update: As the commentator pointed out, CPUSA plays at UMBC, which is actually a bit south of Baltimore.

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Anonymous said...

Crystal Palace Baltimore actually play at UMBC rather than Towson.