Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Heard: Dennis Miller on Third Party Slogan

From yesterday's Dennis Miller show in an interview with Tucker Carlson a possible slogan for a potential third party in America.

The Role of government should be:

1. Kill the terrorists before they kill us.
2. Take less and less of my money.
3. Get out of my life.

No a bad summary. Miller is unabashedly pro-war on terror and is up front about it, which is why he leads with what he does. But really, this is a pretty good summary for what a federal governmetn should be doing:

1. Protecting America and Americans from those who would do us harm.
2. Living lean and taxing Americans only for those matter strictly related to item 1.
3. Not interfering with how people want to live their lives.

We as a nation have forgotten what it means to have a small government, to have the freedom and responsibility to live their lives in the manner they choose.

You should check out the Dennis Miller Show. I get the iTunes feed, which focuses more on the interviews he does.

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