Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Educational Cartel

One of the more interesting dichotomies in American society is that we in this country have a deeply suspicious mindset about monopolies. The Anti-trust laws in America are tough. But when it comes to certain things in this country, we have come to accept a monopoly in one vitally important area without so much as a serious question--education. Face it, unless you have enough personal income to pay both your tax burden and private school tuition, for most Americans there is no choice but to attend public schools and for decades we have not only accepted the fact that a monopoly exists--we have bought into the notion that if we just give the monopoly a little more money--it can fix itself.

No one would have thought that if we just give a little more money to Ma' Bell before the break up that it would have fixed itself. So why do we accept a monopoly in primary and secondary education? Why do we assume that if we just pay a little more money, education will get better?

I can't wait to watch this movie: Neither should you.

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