Friday, March 12, 2010

Soccer, Haiti, competition

The U.S. Women's U-17 National Team is playing in a tournament in Costa Rica against other CONCACAF teams. Recently, the U.S. Women played the team from Haiti and the U.S.Soccer Website had their normal post match quote sheet. A couple of them stood out for me:

U.S. defender Olivia Brannon
On the post-game hug with the Haitian goalkeeper:
"It just puts everything into perspective. It makes you realize what is truly important, your family, having a roof over your head, and having food on the table. We take all those things for granted. I had my mom in the stands cheering for me tonight. Some of these girls might never have that again."

U.S. forward Taylor Smith
On facing Haiti after their tragedy:
"That was probably the saddest game I’ve ever played."

I find it likely that the Haitian players were probably, by staying in a hotel, staying in far better conditions that probably exist at home. I find their heart encouraging. But at the same time, I find the empathy from the U.S. players touching as well. You cannot help but think of the differences in condition between the players and their home lives.

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