Saturday, March 06, 2010

Obama Care 2.0--Even More of the Same

From David Jacobs:
If Mr. Obama were sincere about input from The Republicans and Independents at “The Parting of The Seas Meeting,” why not wait until after the meeting and incorporate some of their ideas in HIS plan? Because, of course, the meeting was merely a media spectacle designed to give the illusion (a poor one at that) of potential compromise.
ObamaCare 2.0 is troubling on many fronts. ObamaCare is a combination of the House and Senate Bills, which takes control of every American’s health care life. This plan would not improve the current system, and is fatally flawed because it:
Rations and denies access to healthcare. Denying access to healthcare is the most inhumane and unethical means of cutting costs;

Costs $1 TRILLION ( $100 Billion more than The Senate Bill) ;
Creates over 110 Federal Agencies, commissions and boards;
Creates The Health Insurance Rate Authority….a direct violation of States’ Rights;
Establishes a “ Comprehensive Database” on Americans;
Establishes Individual and Employer Mandates ( Mr. Obama’s own Chair of Council of Economic Advisors has stated that this alone would cost 5.5 Million jobs….more unemployment. );
Institutes $748 Billion in new taxes;
Cuts Medicare by $500 Billion, over a period when 30% MORE Americans will be added to Medicare rolls, (You do the math…);
Imposes $136 Billion in tax hikes on working families making LESS THAN $250,000 (Americans for Tax Reform Analysis);
Ends Medicare Advantage Program for Seniors and forces them to a more expensive plan with less benefits;
Applies Medicare Tax to unearned income;
Increases Medicare Payroll Tax from 2.95 to 3.8%; and
Increases unfunded mandates on every State.

To make matters worse, when The Congressional Budget Office was asked to review and “score” ObamaCare 2.0, its response was: “The CBO can not score or evaluate the plan due to a lack of detail.”
I am not so much of a fool to think that the modern political process is bipartisan. Neither party is showing a willingness to talk or compromise on anything and right now that is a good thing. There are too many Americans who are divided too sharply for there to be enough of a consensus to get something done.

However, if the Obama Administration and the Democratic Congress pass this monstronsity, there would be a bloodbath in November. It is not because everything listed above is a bad idea (and they are) it is that there is absolutely no pretense of considering what the American people want.

Americans like change, but they like incremental change, slow change, change that can be undone if it shows itself to be an error. This path is not that kind of change.

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