Thursday, December 08, 2011

ATF and Obama Administration have used Fast & Furious to push gun control

We have stepped through the looking glass, Alice: New e-mails: ATF officials discussed using Fast & Furious to … push gun control.
Congressional Democrats and even Eric Holder himself have already used F&F as a pretext to call for more gun control. I thought the sleaziest bit of White House scandal spin we’d see this year was the Energy Department asking Solyndra to hold off on layoffs until after election day in 2010. Nope: Per the new F&F e-mails, they’re actually using their own scandals now as a pretext for greater regulation. Says Dan McLaughlin, “Obama Administration once again lives down to every paranoid caricature of itself.”

Seriously! At first, I thought John Hindraker's piece on this matter might have been a bridge too far:
If the Obama administration did arrange for the shipment of arms to Mexican drug gangs, not for any legitimate public purpose but in order to advance a left-wing political agenda, and those guns were used to murder hundreds of Mexicans and at least one American border agent–which they were–then we are looking at a scandal that dwarfs any in modern American history. I think one would have to go back to James Buchanan, who ordered the shipment of federal armaments to the South so that they could be commandeered by secessionists when disunion came, to find a worse scandal. And one could argue that even that act by Buchanan, generally considered the worst President in American history, was motivated by principle and not politics, and therefore was not as craven as Obama’s gun walker scandal. But such a judgment would be premature. A great deal more investigation needs to be done before we can conclude that Fast and Furious was the worst scandal since pre-Civil War days.

But then again, maybe not. Because as Ann Althouse pointed out quite logically:
If Hinderaker's conclusion seems extreme, consider that it could be easily refuted by a clear statement from the Obama administration disclosing the true and legitimate purpose. The absence of such a statement propels us toward the extreme conclusion.

But we don't have anything from the Obama administration on this matter and Eric Holder still has a job. I am still baffled by what was supposed to be accomplished by the Fast & Furious program. I am even more baffled by why we as a nation, who has a "war" on drugs would be in any kind of deal with Mexican drug cartels. If Hindraker is even partly right--this is ridiculous and borders on treason and certainly falls into the high crimes and misdemeanors territory.

Bill Clinton was a philanderer and the Congress impeached him for lying about his womanizing, but at least no one died because of what Bill Clinton did. This Obama Administration, certain agents and executives of the ATF and Eric Holder have the blood of an American border agent and doznes of Mexican civilians on their hands and for what--so that they can impose gun control?

If I lived on the Mexican Border and my government was giving guns to murders, thugs and hooligans, I would be buying every gun I could get my hands on---or moving to Montana.

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