Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Carnival of Education is Up

Check it out over at the Ed Wonks. Here are a couple of my favorites from this week's edition, if for no other reason than they reinforce some of my thinking and concerns.

Ms. Frizzle has a great plan for a program of study for teachers--a separate degree program similar to law. I have made similar arguments for the professionalization of teaching here and here.

Coach Brown has a post about the multiculturalism class he must take in California and some of the rediculous over-emphasis placed on acknowledging differences. Coach Brown's responses to the check list demonstrate not only an understanding of how too much sensitivity can get in the way of good teaching, but also how far we as a nation have gone in the political correctness realm.

Finally, Et Tu Bloge discusses the funds that are wasted in public education. California is looking to at least study the problem in a privately funded effort I mentioned here. Et Tu's unabashedly libertarian point of view.

If you are remotely interested in education, the Carnival of Education should be a weekly read for you!!

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