Monday, January 02, 2006

Photo A Day: January 2, 2006

My parents came to visit for Christmas, which was spectacular. On the Friday before Christmas, my parents, my oldest daughter and myself visited the Steven F. Udar-Hazy Center, an part of the National Air and Space Museum. Some of the material on display there include the space shuttle Enterprise, early aircraft, the B-29 Enola Gay and a Concorde. This picture is of the SR-71, the fastest aircraft ever built.

What is particuarly amazing about the Musuem is that we have only been flying, as a people for around 100 years, and to go from the Wright Flyer to the SR-71 in less than 70 is a magnificent testament to human ingenuity and engineering skills.

If you are in teh DC area, try to get to the Udar-Hazy Center.

In the background is the shuttle Enterprise.

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