Tuesday, April 24, 2007

McCain Axes Finance Director--Sort of

Carla Eudy, John McCain's finance director has been replaced in the Arizona Senator's presidential team. After dismal fundraising (compared to his leading opponents) and prolifigate spending, McCain has replaced Eudy with Mary Kate Johnson, who was the deputy finance director for Bush/Cheney 2000.
Carla Eudy, a longtime fundraising consultant for McCain, has been moved out of her role as finance director and will be replaced by Mary Kate Johnson. Eudy will remain with the campaign in a senior advisory role, according to communications director Brian Jones, who called Eudy "incredibly hard working."

"This is a continuation of the campaign restructuring that began earlier this month," Jones said.
Eudy is staying on as a "senior advisor," an expensive move for a campaign that is already top heavy in consultants.

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