Thursday, June 21, 2007

Government Screwing Up Immigration

A new Zogby poll of 8,300 Americans finds that
just 3% of Americans viewing Congress's handling of the immigration issue in favorable terms, while 9% say the same of the President-even as respondents in the survey rated it the second most important issue facing the country, after the war in Iraq.

As the U.S. Senate prepares to vote on an immigration reform bill tomorrow in Washington, Americans said they take a dim view of that bill, with just 38% holding a favorable view of the legislation. The poll also suggests that those most favorably-disposed toward the bill are those who view guest worker programs and a pathway to citizenship for those now in the country illegally as the most important aspects of the immigration debate.
Does the Senate not read this stuff? Most Americans don't want this immigration bill and there was great relief nationwide when the previous immigration bill died the ignoble death of being debated forever.

Americans are a charitable people and nation, when something bad happens, a natural disaster or a man-made disaster, people respond with open arms, open hearts and open wallets. But America is also a nation that believes in the law, believes in following the rules, and believes you should not benefit from new rules when you broke the old rules. The whole concept of a "pathway to citizenship" is a slap in the face of the very people we want in this country, and welcome, the legal immigrants who give up everything to live the American dream. The current immigration bill trivializes their efforts to follow the rules and ignores the wishes and desires of the people.

If the Senate moves forward with this stupid bill, I would hope that a fair number of Senators will be looking for work come November of next year.

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